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July 30, 2021

Quality of Technical Support Matters

Quality of Technical Support Matters, technical support, OM Plus, Plus Technologies, techsupportlogoQuality of Technical Support Matters

Output Management software is used in business critical situations to ensure needed documents are printed properly, on time and in the form needed. If there is a problem with printing critical documents interruptions to the business or customer service can occur. That is why after-sale technical support is critical to our customers. They know they can rely on Plus Technologies.

Plus Technologies customers receive direct access to our Service Technicians. No phone tree or dispatch, service starts as soon as the phone is answered. Our Service Technicians are co-located with the Development staff so if there are any difficult problems escalation to development starts immediately. 7 x24 service is available if needed.

In addition, our customers receive free version upgrades. We work hand – in – hand with our customers to keep their systems running smoothly with the least down time possible. Our customers notice that effort and give us good grades. We consistently receive positive feedback from our customers for our dedication to helping them. Here is a comment from one of the largest banks in the country… “You guys do a fine job of supporting us and keeping our systems running and for that I thank you.”

So if you are a customer considering acquiring Print Management Software please consider the advantages of a dedicated support team at Plus Technologies. Our software is very good but our after sale service is excellent too.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.


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June 25, 2021

Plus Technologies Customization

Plus Technologies Customizationplus tech, Plus Technologies Customization, OM Plus

Many organizations that need output management software (OMS) have unique requirements or unique technical infrastructures. As a result, many of them need a “customized’ version of our OMS product, OM Plus.

While the standard version of OM Plus might provide 90+% of the function or interconnectivity the customer needs, in some cases the customer needs something a little extra or different. Plus Technologies shines when this situation occurs.

We have created a development process and a product architecture that allows us to respond to custom requests quickly. Customers do not need to wait until the next ‘planned/scheduled” release to see their features added to the product. We have the resources, experience and product design to add custom features immediately – sometimes in days.

This ability to respond quickly to the special needs of our customers sets us apart from competition.

June 11, 2021

OM Plus Customer adds Feature to Existing License

OM Plus Customer adds Feature to Existing License, Plus Technologies, CDP

OM Plus Customer adds Context Delivery Feature to Existing License

A large manufacturing customer currently using OM Plus advanced print software is adding “Context Delivery Plus (CDP)” to its existing licenses.

Context Delivery Plus (CDP) adds capabilities to the OM Plus print spooling system based on triggers found inside the print job itself. CDP can find triggers such as user, device, title, application, keywords and others.

Once the triggers are found a unique set of rules can be applied to the print jobs such as adding copies, changing destinations, managing color, tray options and more.

In this case CDP is being used to print to multiple printers automatically using the OM Plus raw TCP/IP (port 9100) ingestion method from their output source without the need to define new ports or processes with their system. This provides the customer more capacity, including the ability to add production/shipping lines as needed.

April 30, 2021

US Federal Government Agency Selects OM Plus

US Federal Government Agency Selects OM Pluscapital, US Federal Government Agency Selects OM Plus OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) (print management) and Fleet Manager (FM) software was selected by a large US federal government agency to help manage their mixed fleet of print devices.

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) (print management) and Fleet Manager (FM) software was selected by a large US federal government agency to help manage their mixed fleet of print devices.

The print fleet includes many hundreds of devices spread across multiple locations. Also, it consists mostly of Lexmark and HP printers and multifunction printers.

Plus Technologies will be providing output management capabilities by tying into the organization’s back office systems and routing jobs (workflow) to the appropriate printer. The software allows the customer to set rules that can define the end users rights and privileges when using the system increasing compliance and security. The print software also provides comprehensive print job reporting that captures the who, what, when and where of what was printed.

April 23, 2021

Plus Technologies Offering Subscription License for Imprivata API

Pull Printing, Plus Technologies Offering Subscription License for Imprivata API, pull-printing, pull-print, pull print, MPDPlus Technologies Offering Subscription License for Imprivata API

Plus Technologies offers a market leading pull-print solution called My-Print-Delivery (MPD). MPD allows users to identify themselves at print devices to direct and release print jobs. In addition, My-Print-Delivery helps with security, cost and compliance.

One important feature of MPD in the healthcare market is its integration with Imprivata’s OneSign single sign on solution. Plus Technologies has accomplished integration with OneSign by using Imprivata’s API called Imprivata Print Connector (IPC).

March 19, 2021

Web Client Version Available

Web Client Version Available, Plus Technologies Releases New Version of the Web Client - version, pdate software

Web Client Version Available

A new Web Client version is now available. This new version is number Some of the changes/enhancements include:

An update to the View Job command in the request status screen. Previously there was a limited number of data types that the web client would allow you to view. Now only the ‘graphics’ type is unviewable (for safety reasons).

March 12, 2021

Plus Technologies Announces FIPS Compliant Encryption

Plus Technologies Announces FIPS Compliant Encryption, OM Plus, System Backup Database Integration

Plus Technologies Announces FIPS Compliant Encryption

Plus Technologies announces changes to its encryption methodology to support FIPS compliance standards. FIPS compliance is often required by US federal government agencies. Since Plus Technologies has numerous government customers including the US Federal government it made sense for Plus Technologies to add this capability.

FIPS compliant means an organization adheres to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) in order to act in accordance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) and the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 (FISMA2014).

March 4, 2021

Plus Technologies Customers Adding Licensing

Plus Technologies Customers Adding Licensing, OMPlus OM WhitePlus Technologies Customers Adding Licensing

Despite the recent economic impact of the coronavirus, Plus Technologies customers continue to grow and add OM Plus Output Management Software licensing.

Recent examples include:

A Healthcare customer that added licensing to its existing OM Plus prescription printing software solution. This customer uses OM Plus Rx printing software for printing Rx on plain paper printers thereby saving costs associated with pre-printed forms and gaining efficiencies by streamlining Rx printing operation.

February 10, 2021

Automated Print Failover for Mission Critical Documents

Automated Print Failover for Mission Critical Documents, Failover, Fail-over, Load Balance And High Availability

Automated Print Failover for Mission Critical Documents

Most large organizations still rely heavily on printed documents to complete important business processes. When mission critical print documents do not complete successfully, business is negatively impacted. Any time a print job is unsuccessful; there can be the potential for problems with patient care, missed shipments, missed loan closings, or invoices not going out, which effects costs, and lower levels of customer service.

Some important issues to consider when print failures occur are:

  1. Are your enterprise print servers managing the delivery of business critical documents?
  2. Do you have multiple points of failure in your enterprise print server environment?
  3. Do business processes stop when a printer or an enterprise print server fails?

February 3, 2021

SAP Output Management

SAP Output Management, OMS in the SAP Print Environment, What is SAP Print?, SAP Logo, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, output management

SAP Output Management

The weakest link in a SAP business process chain is where information leaves SAP® applications. For example, at the creation of a hardcopy or electronic document. The infrastructure that supports SAP printing and SAP document management in most enterprises is complex and costly to manage. This increases the risk of business process failure and the cost of delivering SAP documents.

SAP developed its External Output Management (BC-XOM) interface to offer a scalable alternative to problematic native OS-based document facilities.

OMS in the SAP Print Environment

We are frequently contacted by customers facing print/output workflow limitations with their SAP system. So we thought we would write a high level summary of the SAP print situation. While the base SAP spooling process can provide basic delivery to print devices it has severe limitations if the need is for load balancing, automated fail-over, format transformations, label print management, confirmed delivery, error notification, pull print, print statistics and other advanced functions.

Automating document management and business processes