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Label Barcode Printing Solutions

When fulfilling customer orders in logistics, distribution and warehouse environments the printing of labels is critical. Interruptions to the print process means missing deadlines. Printing extra labels or missed printing causes mis-shipments and customer satisfaction issues. Label printing can be a complex process and in many cases an advanced spooling solution is required to achieve maximal results.

Customers use OM Plus in these environments to improve results by:

  • Load balancing large label print runs across multiple devices
  • Detecting printer failures and invoking an automated failover process
  • Ensuring there are no missing or extra labels printed
  • Creating bundles (kits) of labels and accompanying documents required for shipping
  • Creating and inserting header and trailer documents
  • Restarting label printing at the correct point in the print stream
  • Bi-directional communications with leading label print devices to confirm print function including Zebra and Printronix devices.

Our customers use OM Plus to get the most out of their label printing environment. Contact us for more information.

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