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Softwareas a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) Printing Solution

Software as a service (SaaS) is a subscription based software license that is hosted on the cloud by software vendors or application service providers.

For printing of ‘business critical’ documents such as invoices, pick tickets, shipping labels, bills of lading, management reports, patient records, financial documents, and others, there may be some short-comings such as:

  • No confirmation of print to the tray or error notification
  • Missing print features – load balance, fail-over, restart, reprint, redirect
  • Possible duplicate printing (from ‘print again)
  • No ‘system-wide’ view of all devices and documents
  • No help desk tools to resolve print errors
  • No ‘end user’ print stats for ‘back-end’ systems like ERP, EMR, accounting apps, etc
  • Mobile or pull printing lacking
  • No intelligent routing

If any of these are needs then OM Plus Delivery Manager is needed.

OM Plus Delivery Manager Flow

  1. Documents are viewed in user browser
  2. Documents are converted to a printable format (eg xls, pdf) at workstation
  3. OM Plus DM replaces Microsoft spooler function
  4. Confirmation to printer
  5. System wide view of all printers and documents in single tool
  6. Error notification and tools
  7. Enhanced delivery – reprint, load balance, fail-over, context based delivery, bundle, etc
  8. Pull Print via My-Print-Delivery
  9. Private Cloud printing via i-Sat
  10. Print Statistics – including user print data

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