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Internet Printing Software

Back office systems create documents needed for remote users to perform their functions. Remote users typically use VPN’s as a means to access host systems to download documents and to print locally. There is an inherent security risk with this process as VPN access means vpn users become “virtual members” of the host system giving remote users access to system capabilities which can create security vulnerabilities. In some cases, remote users may not even be organic employees of the organization but business partners or affiliates.

Organizations may not have control over end user systems and could inadvertently become susceptible to malware and viruses. Supporting remote users and multiple VPN products can put a burden on the IT department as they are asked to support this infrastructure. In addition, VPN can be relatively expensive.

OM Plus i-Sat is an internet based printing solution designed to solve these problems. i-Sat’s internet printing focuses on improving print security. It is ideal for organizations that need to print from centralized EMR, ERP, and other systems to remote sites such as:

Automating document management and business processes