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Print from Phone or Tablet Device with New Printing Software From Plus Technologies

  • Date: Dec 21, 2018

Print from Phone or Tablet Device with New Printing Software From Plus Technologies

December 21, 2018, Dayton, Ohio – Plus Technologies is pleased to announce the release of their latest software product. The solution is called OM Plus Mobile Device Print.

Mobile Device Print software integrates OM Plus Delivery Manager with a 3rd party solution to provide seamless end to end delivery and control of print jobs sent from mobile devices such as, tablets or smart phones. The solution is very user friendly and provides an intuitive user experience.


“We are very excited to provide a robust mobile printing solution to our customers,” said Mike Visser, President, Plus Technologies.

When a user prints from an iOS, Android, ChromeOS, or Windows 10 smart devices, a user ID is generated and assigned to the document. Once the user ID is authenticated, the print job is forwarded to a Windows printer queue located on the company’s print server. Our OM Plus software retrieves the job, applies any appropriate rules, manages, monitors, and delivers the job to the appropriate print device.

All of the advanced features and functionality customers of Plus Technologies have come to expect are present in this solution.

  • Flexible printing when and where users need it
  • Increased print security
  • Seamless end to end printing and control
  • Confirmed document delivery to the printer tray
  • Automatic printer failover
  • Proactive alert notifications
  • Printer load balancing
  • User printing statistics
  • Device based statistics
  • and much more

For more information about this product, please go to the Mobile Device Print product page or call us at 877-899-7587 or outside the US at 1-937-847-0614.

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