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Bursting ofReports

Report Bursting Feature

OM Plus along with its Report Bursting feature can be configured to burst large reports into multiple individual reports based on ‘triggers’ found within the document. OM Plus will search for user defined triggers such as text strings. Once found any page found within a report with the trigger will be extracted and formed into its own document. This document can then be delivered by the means preferred by the recipient including print, fax, email, or archived for pull viewing. This feature allows organizations the flexibility to customize reports without having to make changes in the core enterprise application. No changes at the application level are required.

This solution is ideal for reports created from a large centralized application that need to be distributed to multiple locations or recipients. It helps save cost as it reduced the printing of un-needed pages. It also improves security and confidentiality as recipients only receive the pages they need. It improves productivity as users do not need to wade through excess pages to get to the information they care about. We have seen this type of solution used in:

  • Banks to distribute branch reports
  • Retail organizations to distribute inventory reports
  • Auto dealers to distribute store level reports
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