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July 8, 2020

OM Plus Integration with MFP’s

OM Plus Integration with MFP's, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, MPD, My-Print-Delivery

OM Plus Integration with MFP’s

Plus Technologies has been asked if OM Plus integrates with MFP’s in order to facilitate pull-printing (sometimes called print release). The answer is yes, OM Plus MPD (My-Print-Delivery) does integrate with printers and MFP’s to gather card reader data and to facilitate print delivery.

OM Plus currently has an integrated solution with several vendors including Lexmark, HP, Xerox, Ricoh, Sharp and others. OM Plus also provides integration with Imprivata which adds an authentication capability to the pull print environment. There are several pull print workflows provided by OM Plus MPD to suit a number of customer needs including a shared print solution called SQR (secure Queue Release) that is perfect for emergency room environments which is unique in the industry. In addition, OM Plus provides optional plain paper Rx printing solutions which helps our healthcare customers save cost.

May 7, 2020

National Passenger Rail Service Rolls Out OM Plus Software

National Passenger Rail Service Rolls Out OM Plus Software, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, DM, Delivery Manager, railroad

National Passenger Rail Service Rolls Out OM Plus Software

Plus Technologies has licensed OM Plus Output Management Software to a national rail transport service (Amtrak). This company has ordered OM Plus Output Management software to help streamline its print operations.

Specifically OM Plus is being used in the AWS cloud to route, transform, and print ‘train bulletin” documents that are created on a remote system and emailed via a popular email SaaS vendor’s cloud to ensure the documents are reliably delivered to printers and printed in the correct print format. Due to OM Plus’ extensive print functionality changes were not needed to the mainframe software saving time and money.

Included with this OM Plus print management solution is the optional Context Delivery Plus (CDP) module that is able to examine document metadata such as title, source, content, destination, etc and based on customer defined parameters invoke specific value-added functions such as format transformations as needed.

The OM Plus solution is also integrated with PrinterLogic’s Printer Installer product to help reduce system administration and overhead.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.


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March 23, 2020

Iowa Manufacturing Company Implements OM Plus

Manufacturing, Iowa Manufacturing Company Implements OM Plus, OM Plus, Output Management, DM, Delivery Manager

Iowa Manufacturing Company Implements OM Plus

HWH, a company that manufactures hydraulic jacks has purchased and implemented OM Plus print and output management software to improve its invoicing process.

The software purchased was OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) which provides advanced routing capability along with the Context Delivery Plus (CDP) module which is used to read the content of the print jobs and make real time decisions on the delivery rules for the print job. In addition, the customer purchased Plus Technologies professional services to customize the OM Plus system to create forms from plain text.

In this case the customer’s ERP system output was a plain text document. OM Plus can take this plain text document and reformat it into an enhanced pdf document and add a watermark for security purposes.

The willingness and ability to customize OM Plus is a major differentiation for Plus Technologies in the output management market.

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies.

March 3, 2020

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) Print Spooler Management Software

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) Print Spooler Management Software, DM, Output Management, Plus TechnologiesOM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) Print Spooler Management Software

OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) is advanced, intelligent print spooler management software. Delivery Manager seamlessly ingests jobs from multiple systems and delivers them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. Rarely, changes are needed to existing ERP/EMR systems. OM Plus print spooler management software features include: print confirmation, re-printing, re-routing, automated failover, load balancing, bundling, re-sequencing, and much more.

Plus Technologies’ print software solutions are based on our core OM Plus Delivery Manager software. Delivery Manager (DM) provides the core infrastructure such as: ERP/WMS/EMR integration, print job routing, confirmation of delivery, and administrative features. Also, based on customer requirements we can add features such as My-Print-Delivery (MPD) for pull-printing, Tamper Resistant Print for Rx printing on plain paper, i-Sat for secure/plug & play internet print delivery for remote locations, Stats Manager for print/copy/fax/scan usage analysis, Fleet Manager for device/consumables management, and more.

September 20, 2018

Plus Technologies Outside of Work

Plus Technologies, Outside of Work, Enterprise Software, OM Plus, EmployeesPlus Technologies Outside of Work

Plus Technologies‘ employee Rob Emerson is the Vice President of Engineering. Rob has been with the company for over 25 years. Additionally, Rob was involved with the very first software product released in 1994 called LP Plus. Furthermore, Rob has managed or had a hand in developing every software product since the company began developing Output Management Software. These products include: OM Plus (output management), Fleet Manager (managed print), My-Print-Delivery (pull print), Stats Manager (user and device based output data), and i-sat (secure internet based document delivery for SaaS environments). Today Rob manages the development team and has built a development process that allows Plus Technologies to be very nimble and responsive to specific customer feature requests.

Rob’s background is that he is an Ohio native and graduated from Ohio State University. An interesting fact; one year Rob lived within the football stadium as it used to have dorm rooms inside. Now Rob is married and has two daughters and Rob is also an avid sports fan (football and basketball).

Plus Technologies, Outside of Work, Enterprise Software, OM Plus, Employees

For more information, please contact Plus Technologies

January 31, 2018

Wealth Management Provider Purchases OM Plus

Wealth Management Provider Purchases OM Plus, Plus Technologies, OM Plus, Output Management, Delivery ManagerWealth Management Provider Purchases OM Plus

A wealth management corporation, located in Jamaica, has purchased OM Plus print software. This company is one of Jamaica’s premier providers of wealth management services, securities trading/sales, investment advisory services, and corporate solutions.

They have recently purchased OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) print software and My-Print-Delivery (MPD) pull-print software. This helps automate the printing of financial documents and checks. The solution was provided in conjunction with Plus Technologies’ partner, Printech Global Payment Solutions. Printech has a check printing application (Check Plus). Check Plus often benefits from Plus Technologies’ OM Plus software to help with complex printing and print fidelity issues.

February 13, 2014

National Accounts Manager from Plus Technologies provides sales training at Dell FY15, Field Readiness Seminar

andyDellThe event is being held at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas from Feb 11, 2014 – Feb 14, 2014. Andy Folz from Plus Technologies is providing education and training for our Enterprise Print Management Solutions which included OM Plus Delivery Manager and My Print Delivery. Attendees at the educational breakout session include Dell Printer Consultants, Specialists and Product Managers.

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