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January 21, 2016

IT Services Company Implements OM Plus Fleet Manager

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IT Services Company Implements OM Plus Fleet Manager

An IT services company serving customers in US, Canada, and Europe has implemented OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) to power their Managed Print Services solution. Fleet Manager is managed print software that enables service providers to offer a complete management of a customer’s printer fleet and charge on a “cost-per-page” basis.

The key features of FM print software being used by this Services company include:

  • Meter collection to support the billing process including mono pages, color pages, copies, scans
  • Device based alerts to facilitate break/fix service
  • Intelligent consumables management system to minimize cost related to toner replacement

December 1, 2014

New Version of OM Plus Fleet Manager Available

OMPlus_FMPlus Technologies has deployed a new version of OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM). This new version includes improved report scheduling, and a new report template that quantifies device up/down time. Customers can contact Plus Technologies for more details or a demonstration of the new features.

January 10, 2014

What is Fleet Management Software For Managed Print Services | Plus Technologies

Plus Technologies Provides Comprehensive Printer Fleet Management Software Tools

OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) is a powerful web based solution allowing users and Service Providers to manage their printers and multi-function & copy devices. OM Plus FM stores information such as, page counts, color vs. mono prints, copies, scans, faxes, errors, device health, toner levels, and much more.

November 29, 2013

Plus Technologies OM Plus FM Selected to Track Data for 100,000 Printer Fleet

A large $50 billion dollar organization has selected Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM) to monitor their print fleet. The organization currently has up to 100,000 devices in their fleet. OM Plus FM will gather printer usage metrics, copy/scan counts and toner usage.

Using this data to optimize their printer fleet, the customer will save cost. The customer also needed to determine print volume baselines before starting their “green initiatives.” Once in place, the customer needed a tool to monitor the results once green initiatives are deployed to measure their effectiveness.

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