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November 17, 2015

QRX Partners with Plus Technologies in Canada

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QRX has agreed to resell OM Plus print software to its customers in the Canadian market. As part of this relationship QRX will receive Plus Technologies training on the products as well as implementation and support services.
QRX Technology Group is a national provider of print management, managed print services, and data storage solutions serving Canadian corporations, institutions and government since 1989. Proudly Canadian, QRX’s head office is in Toronto and regional offices in major cities to service customers from coast to coast.
Adding OM Plus print software to QRX’s portfolio provides them market leading print software for output management solutions, pull-print, tamper resistant print, rules based document workflow, secure internet delivery, and print statistics.

October 13, 2014

Label Printing Enhancement

ompdmA large chemical supply company has selected OM Plus print software to enhance their Manhattan Associates label printing operation in their warehouses.

The Manhattan Associates system creates shipping labels in waves (batches). The issue is that these labels are not printed in the optimal sequence. As a result, these labels have to be re-sequenced manually leading to unnecessary labor cost and human error.

OM Plus print spooling software is used to ingest the zpl and xml data streams used for printing labels on a fleet of Zebra label printers. Based on triggers found in the data stream, OM Plus spooling software is able to re-sequence the labels and automatically  put them in the optimal order. With the OM Plus print software, the labels are printed and applied to shipping pallets without excess manual labor saving time and money.

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