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September 22, 2014

OM Plus Print Spooler Integrated with Right Fax 10.6

OM-PlusLogoPlus Technologies has integrated its OM Plus print spooling software with Right Fax 10.6. Now Right Fax 10.6 customers that desire a supported, certified solution with a print spooler can use OM Plus. OM Plus print spooling software will ingest print jobs from a variety of systems, route based on customer defined rules and deliver them. Right Fax can be a destination for such jobs. OM Plus is able to confirm delivery to Right Fax to ensure the proper delivery takes place.

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August 20, 2014

Leading Manufacturer of Auto Parts Extends Licensing for OM Plus Print Spooler

OM-PlusLogoA global manufacturer of auto parts has extended their contract with Plus Technologies to continue use of OM Plus print spooling software. The Plus Technologies customer has installed the OM Plus print software on 66 servers across numerous locations across the globe. They will use OM Plus to achieve significant hard cost savings through automation of their pick/pack/ship process, managing label printing, enhanced delivery of electronic forms (through re-purposing), improved re-start printing capabilities, and streamlining print administration.

The OM Plus User has approximately 170,000 employees and they manufacture advanced car batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as interior systems for automobiles.

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July 10, 2014

Several cities and counties acquired OMP licenses

OM-PlusLogoSeveral cities and counties acquired OMP licenses
10 local governments in the last quarter including West Palm Beach, Santa Cruz, Chicago, San Mateo, Key West and several others have acquired OMP licenses.

OMP print spooling sw
Documents are created by business software applications and handed off to the print spooler at the operating system level. Whether it is UNIX, Linux or Windows it is the print spooler’s job to deliver these documents to the printers.

Automating document management and business processes