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April 21, 2020

OM Plus i-Sat Software for Non-Network Locations

OM Plus i-Sat Software, SaaS and Remote Printing | Plus Technologies’ OM Plus i-Sat internet based cloud printing service, Plus TechnologiesOM Plus i-Sat Software for Non-Network Locations

Plus Technologies has developed OM Plus i-Sat to provide a secure, reliable, scalable solution for delivering documents from a host based mainframe over the internet to remote customer locations. i-Sat is ideal for situations where the remote location is not connected to the same network as the “back-end” system that is creating the print jobs. This could include agencies, labs, remote locations, short term pop-up locations etc. User would get a seamless print experience of printing documents without having to print via VPN.

Additionally, OM Plus i-Sat remote printing is the ideal print software solution for SaaS environments. Specifically in an i-Sat scenario, remote users are trying to print documents that are created on a host server in a central location and need to be delivered over the internet (cloud printing).

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