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December 22, 2020

Print Management Solution for Retail Shipping

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Print Management Solution for Retail Shipping

A supplier to retail stores across the US was experiencing print issues when trying to perform batch printing of labels. As shipment volume grew the print function required for labels and other shipping-related documents was falling behind causing shipments to be held up. Printers would occasionally fail, stopping the process entirely also causing missed deadlines and requiring manual intervention/labor to fix the problems.

As a result, the retailer searched for a print management solution to help improve the situation. The customer acquired OM Plus print management software to provide Load Balancing across multiple printers. This print management software solution from Plus Technologies increases volume and detects print failure. Then automatically invokes failover to a backup device to keep the line moving and manages the delivery of certain documents to specific trays to minimize manual intervention.

December 3, 2015

Multi-Billion Dollar Bank Using OM Plus to Increase Print Throughput

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A $24B bank has selected OM Plus Delivery Manager (DM) print software to increase productivity in its check printing operations. This bank needs to print several thousand checks at a time. Rather than printing on large high speed printers that are extremely expensive to operate the bank has decided to print checks on low cost laser printers. In order to achieve the needed throughput on the laser printers, printing must take place in a parallel process across multiple printers (12 in one country’s case). Checks are created on the bank mainframe and formatted with a software product called CheckPlusCFO from Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions.

After this process the checks are passed to Delivery Manager print software where its load balancing feature is used to spread the batches across the devices. Delivery Manager provides print confirmation feature by communicating directly with the devices to ensure all checks are printed properly, as well as a hold and release feature so that operators may select and print jobs to when needed. The net effect is that the bank saves cost, improves productivity, and ensures quality.

February 16, 2015

Major East Coast U.S. City Extends use of OM Plus Print Software

OM Plus, Print software, Plus Technologies, Delivery Manager, DM

Major East Coast U.S. City Extends use of OM Plus Print Software

A very large city on the east coast has extended the use of their OM Plus Delivery Manager document routing print software. The city uses OM Plus to streamline and automate the routing of court documents. OM Plus replaces a manual process of collating and routing documents. Manual process were subject to error and took too long to deliver missing important deadlines. By law, the City can only keep accused criminals incarcerated for a limited amount of time before presenting the case in court. The manual process sometimes exceeded the timeline and therefore could have compromised peoples’ rights.

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