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January 12, 2017

Plus Technologies Supports Local Charities

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Plus Technologies Supports Local Charities

Throughout the year associates at Plus Technologies may choose to dress casual Monday through Thursday. By paying $1.00 per day towards our casual fund, one can dress in casual clothes. Towards the end of the calendar year we use our casual fund to help support charities in our community. This past year our casual fund was used for Christmas stocking stuffers for 30 stockings. These stockings were for girls and boys ages 13-18. In addition, we purchased three items for each stocking. Some of the items purchased include things like toiletries and earbuds for each stocking.

Additionally, we found a local organization that was asking for donations of school backpacks, overnight bags, and fleece blankets. These items are for children that are removed from homes and put into foster care. This year Plus Technologies casual fund was able to provide 15 blankets, backpacks, and fleece blankets to help fifteen children in the foster care program.

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November 24, 2014

Differences Between OM Plus and Print Server Elimination Software


Some of Plus Technologies‘ customers may be looking at software solutions designed to eliminate print servers and simplify queue management for simplicity let’s call this “eliminate print server software” or EPSW for short. If you are looking at such software it may be useful to note that there are differences between that kind of solution and OM Plus.

Manage the Print Queue vs Manage the Print Queue and the Print Job EPSW software is focused on managing the print queue. It will not manage the print job itself. To manage the print job they rely on the native operating system print spooler which have major limitations. The elimination of print servers means direct IP print with no print servers to handle failures, statistics, etc. EPSW will usually also require installation on every user workstation.

March 7, 2014

City of New York licenses OM Plus to improve arraignment process

paper_stackThe City of New York licenses Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Delivery Manager print spooler software to automate their arraignment system. With the OM Plus Delivery Manager, the required paperwork for the courts can be bundled into specific packages required by each organization involved with the court system. The packages consist of several individual documents that are put together based on each party’s role. The packages are then routed to the appropriate city department within a very specific time window. Delivery to the printer is confirmed ‘to-the-tray’ to ensure every page of each document is printed properly.

Automating document management and business processes